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Signs of a Loved One Needing Help

You think your loved one needs help, but how do you know where to get the help he/she needs? These signs indicate a need for outside help:

  • Declining health of parent or spouse (weight loss, tired, depressed, etc.)
  • Home maintenance- accumulation of trash or dust - Non-adequate or spoiled food in the refrigerator
  • Stacks of unpaid bills - cannot understand insurance and medical bills
  • Refuses to go to the doctors or has missed scheduled appointments
  • Frequent ER visits or hospitalizations
  • Suspicion that patient lacks ability for medication compliance
  • Poor hygiene of patient- showers less frequently, wears unwashed clothes, or neglecting their teeth
  • Driving safety- any new visible dents/scrapes on vehicle
  • Excessive spending- purchasing unnecessary items or donating to any charity that requests


"I have known Carolyn for three years, since Parent Care took over care of my father, James Lee Clark. In that time she and her staff have built a strong trust, both with me and my family, and with my father. As my father's health continues to decline with time, Carolyn has proven her and her staff's abilities to recognize his changes and respond to them quickly and professionally. In addition to addressing his medical needs, I have also found them sensitive to his emotional needs as well, with consideration of ‘the little things' that give him a sense of home and security."
- Caven Clark, Ph.D.

"Carolyn Michaelis… has assisted me in the care of a number of my elderly patients, including my father. She has provided excellent care to her patients and has provided an invaluable and ethical service for her patients."
- Dale M. Isaeff, M.D., Cardiology

*The founder of Parent Care Management Services, Inc, is Carolyn Michaelis, RN. BSN, MPA, who is a certified care manager of the National Association Professional Geriatric Care Manager.