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A Geriatric Care Manager Is

A Geriatric Care Manager (GCM) is a professional RN or Social Worker, who has a specialized knowledge and experience related to elder care issues. The GCM is an advocate for medical, physical and safety needs of the client. The GCM meets directly with family, elderly client, conservator and other legal or health professionals. We never accept referral fees from facilities or agencies, so that we can best represent the client's interest.  A team of GCM's conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine the status and needs of the individual. From this, the GCM develops a list of specific concerns and recommendations to address care needs, including the options for care that best fit the situation. The GCM then works with the family and Client to resolve issues and develop an individualized plan of care.

The Geriatric Care Manager assists the elderly in maintaining their maximum functional potential. Geriatric Care Managers are experienced in gerontology and are able to guide and provide resources for families of older adults and others with chronic needs, including helping those exhibiting symptoms of dementia.


Services include:


•Individualized assessment of the physical, social, psychological and financial strengths and needs of the client, advocating for the client as needed

• Safety assessment of the home or facility and assessment of the client’s ability to manage his/her daily routine

• Assessing current medical care and insurance coverage

• Written review of our findings and recommendation of the best options and resources. Families may carry out the recommendations yourself or choose to have our staff provide and coordinate the on-going services


• Consultations on a one-time only or a recurring basis

• Assistance in understanding available resources for both the medical and non-medical needs of your loved one

• Consultation by an impartial observer to assist in resolving conflicting family views

• Placement and oversight of adult care facilities, if needed

• Family conferences to resolve issues and offer an impartial observer

• Finding and securing services such as Medicare-covered skilled home care, home maintenance, legal counsel, including fiduciary or conservatorship services, if necessary.


• Coordination and monitoring of appropriate services for your loved one to avoid potential problems and conserve financial resources

• Screening, scheduling, training, coordinating, and monitoring competent in-home caregivers

• Designing personalized care plans and logbooks to ensure compliance

• On-going assessment of physical and mental health by periodic home or facility visits; regular phone calls for reassurance and problem resolution

• Reporting to family and/or responsible party any change in condition or concerns

• Assessing current medical care and insurance coverage

• Assistance in obtaining available government and private entitlements

• Assisting client and families in preparing advanced directives, durable power of attorney for health care documents, etc.

• 24-hour on-call coverage for emergencies

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"Carolyn and her professional staff are terrific loving people and a tremendous solace to families who care about their loved one. My mother benefited greatly from their care and oversight. I would be pleased to recommend them to anyone."
- Charles Haskell, MD, FACP

 Professor of Medicine, UCLA

*The founder of Parent Care Management Services, Inc, is Carolyn Michaelis, RN. BSN, MPA, who is a certified care manager of the National Association Professional Geriatric Care Manager.