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The Caregiver Thinks

• How do I get help for my loved one?
Professional geriatric care managers have the expertise to know community resources, recognize the needs of the older adult, understand family dynamics, and the ability to determine a positive outcome.

• I feel overwhelmed trying to meet the needs of my parents, my children, and my job. How can I get it all done?
Adult children are busy with their own jobs and lives. Geriatric Care Managers can assume some of these burdens.

• How can I get my siblings to understand that our parents need help?
It is difficult for family members to see the gradually increasing needs of their aging parents.
Geriatric Care Managers provide an unbiased source of information and opens up family communication.

• Should I have them move closer?
Families’ living close by doesn’t always provide the solution. Parents may not want to leave their church and friends. Geriatric Care Managers can oversee care for families who are far away.

• What do they want?
If you want to stay home, we can talk about what options are available to make this possible.

The Parent Thinks

• We're getting older but want to manage our own lives. At what point do we ask for help?
Professional Geriatric Care Manager is focuses on maintaining the well-being, independence and dignity of elders.

• Our children want to be supportive.
They may be uncomfortable talking about "the will" and long term care plans.

• We have to admit we cannot do it ourselves. We’re not physically able to maintain our home, manage our medications, or understand complicated financial reports.
Professional Geriatric care can proved oversight of care.

• We want to stay at home as long as possible.
Seniors are receiving home care services as physical capabilities diminish. In-home care is appropriate whenever a person prefers to stay at home but needs ongoing care that cannot easily or effectively be provided solely by family and friends. Geriatric Care Managers can help elderly people plan for the future with home modifications, medical equipment, medication reminders, and other devices that assist with safety and abilities.

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