PCMS Success Stories

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Here at PCMS, we have helped over 250 families with their care management needs. There is no problem too big or too small for our expert team to tackle! Here are a few stories about real life clients, the problems they faced, and how PCMS was able to get the job done.

  1. Getting Bored and Acting out

Problem: 62 year old autistic male getting “bored” at home with aging parents.

Solution: PCMS was able to locate this client’s Inland Regional Center Case Manager and process the necessary papers to qualify him for entering a vocational program that provides daily activities for him – including transportation!  We were also able to establish him with a new primary care physician who identified some previously known but unaddressed health problems. Not only did we get this family what they needed but we were able to improve the client’s health and happiness!


  1. Moving States

Problem: 89 year old male moving from AZ to CA needing proper housing and new insurance.

Solution: PCMS worked with local Human Services offices to qualify our client for all eligible benefits as well as searching for, locating, and moving him into proper housing and care that fit the family budget.


  1. Help I’m in prison!

Problem: Client felt like she was imprisoned due to necessary oversight by a caregiver

Solution: After several visits, and the right caregivers, we helped our client grow increasingly more independent. PCMS raised our client’s self-awareness regarding her own well-being and instructed her in the proper steps needed to gain more independence. It wasn’t long before the caregiver was no longer needed and the freedom to live independent of caregivers was restored!


  1. Too far away

Problem: The client’s family lived far away and had difficulty keeping their parent supplied with groceries, medications, and everyday needs.

Solution: PCMS opened a separate bank account for which the family could make periodic deposits. With this separate account, PCMS was able to purchase supplies, medications, pay medical copays, and cover any other expenses for the client. PCMS also supplied petty cash and pre-paid debit cards to their caregivers for necessities with detailed reports sent regularly to the family regarding the expenditures made on their parent’s behalf.


  1. Not ready to let go

Problem: Client’s family was growing concerned about her forgetting to reorder her medications and it was a financial strain to have someone continuously pick them up for her. Despite several suggestions, the client wanted to “remain in charge” of her own life.

Solution: In order to allow the client to keep her sense of independence, PCMS was able to set up and access the client’s patient portal with her medical group which allowed us to arrange medication deliveries directly to her home. This allowed the client to feel in charge and reduced the cost of having someone hand-deliver them every time. Win win!


  1. Medical care issues

Problem: 92 yo retired nurse had been “managing” her own care, telling her doctor that she was perfectly capable of giving her own injections and wound care.  She ended up in the hospital repeatedly for infections.  She had no children, but a niece and her husband were appointed powers of attorney to assist with providing care.

Solution:  PCMS reviewed her medical care and transferred her care to specialists who were able to prescribe more current treatments for her issues, resulting in her not returning to the ER or hospital since!  We also navigated a move into Assisted Living where she receives monitored medication administration and regular meals.  We continue to take her to medical appointments, ensuring continuity of care and integration of services.

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