The following senior resources are provided solely for information purposes and should not be interpreted as advertisement or endorsement by Parent Care Management Services for any companies, products, or services mentioned therein. Parent Care does not take payments from services that we recommend, so you always know that you are getting a recommendation based on your needs and the quality of the product or service in question.


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Parent Care Management has been helping families in the Inland Empire and surrounding areas for nearly 30 years. We hope that these senior resources will be of use to anyone in the position of making difficult decisions, either for themselves or for another senior citizen in their life, and we would love to help you access these and other services.

Parent Care has the experience you need to cut down on the time needed to care for your loved ones, and to find and obtain the services to fit their needs. With staff ranging from Social Workers to Registered Nurses to NAACM Certified Care Managers, we have the expertise needed to make recommendations and arrangements that fit your specific situation. That may include a home safety assessment, an assessment of the client’s daily routine & their capacity thereof, caregiver coordination, and tracking medications from multiple prescribers. We also find products that will solve specific problems in the client’s daily life, make home visits, take clients to medical appointments, advocate for client needs with medical professionals & insurance, and assess what government aid may be available to the client.

Our Care Managers often coordinate supply delivery (disposables, groceries, etc.), monitor medications (pharmacy pickups, organizing medications, and sourcing locking pill dispensers as needed), provide impartial reviews, source the best assisted living for the client, and coordinate movers. We look for problems as much as possible before they occur, and make proactive suggestions to address them. We keep our clients safe and happy, and their families informed.

Regardless, our services are sized to your needs – you only pay for what you actually need. Whether you need a consultation, an in-depth assessment, ongoing services, or help transitioning from one living situation to another, Parent Care can help. We are on call 24 hours a day for our clients, taking the stress of midnight phone calls off your shoulders.

Please call us at 909-864-2085 for a free 30-minute consultation. We look forward to helping you and your loved ones to #LiveBetterAgeBetter!

We are continually adding to this list of senior resources, so check back if you need more help!


Live better and age better with these helpful senior resources! #LiveBetterAgeBetter  #LiveBetterAgeBetter
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