Staying safe during Scam Season!”

According to an article in the San Bernardino Sun, holiday times are open season for online scammers and fraud. The three most successful scam types on ages 65+ are tech support, a family or friend in emergency, and investment opportunities. People ages 55-64 are most likely to fall for romance scams, investment opportunities, and employment

Good Neighbor Day

Social isolation affects nearly 1 in 5 older adults. According to AARP, studies have shown that isolation and loneliness are as bad for your health as smoking and obesity; especially for seniors. It is common for seniors to isolate themselves or withdraw from contacting their families for fear that they may be bothersome. As a

Vietnam Vets Can Collect Disability Benefits

You Could Be Eligible For Vietnam Veterans Disability Compensation The Veterans Administration has recognized certain cancers and other diseases as presumptive of exposure to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. Veterans AND THEIR SURVIVORS may be eligible for disability compensation.  ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) or Lou Gehrig’s disease; ALL VETS with ALS (not just Vietnam vets)

The Comprehensive Care Plan

Parent Care Management Services is pleased to announce that we are adding a new service to our growing business. The Comprehensive Care Plan is an amazing opportunity for families to prepare for the rapid changes that are inevitably linked to those who are aging. The Comprehensive Care Plan provides a platform for older adults to be able

Has your family developed a Family Plan?

What is a Family Plan? A family plan is a written document incorporating the wishes of a family unit in five fields – financial, legal, medical, living arrangements, and personal values.  A Plan should be developed while the persons(s) is mentally well enough to be able to relay his/her/their wishes to the rest of the